“Having conceived my son very quickly, I assumed that falling pregnant for a second time would also be straightforward. But as the months ticked by and it just didn’t happen, I became increasingly stressed about the situation and this anxiety was compounded by my concern that these very feelings were making it even harder for me to conceive. I felt that I was caught in a vicious circle that was becoming all-consuming. I knew how lucky I was to already have a healthy son, but I desperately wanted another child and the more time went by, the more obsessed I became.

It was at this point that I began acupuncture sessions with Paul in a bid to regain a sense of perspective and to try to relax about it all. I was immediately struck by Paul’s reassuring, calming manner; he was very understanding and supportive and I felt a great sense of relief to be doing something to address the situation I was in. The treatment was very relaxing and left me feeling serene and back in control of my feelings. It felt as though Paul had waved a magic wand - I’m in no doubt that his skill was central to my body relaxing and rejuvenating itself and I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Vicky, 32

Testimonials #01

"I feel extremely lucky to have found Paul. Paul was calm, reassuring, positive and knowledgeable about the benefits and treatment, which is most encouraging. My time with him every week was a great time to relax and think positively about the process and Paul creates an environment that allows you to do that.”

Fiona, 37

Testimonials #02

“Paul has been treating me throughout my pregnancy and I feel amazing. I am in no doubt that this is due to his ongoing care and positive mental attitude. I would have no hesitation in recommending Paul!"

Jo, 35, Investment Management Director

Testimonials #03

“My first consultation with Paul was based on a recommendation made by another couple. They strongly believed acupuncture and Paul's calm manner had helped them immensely. As anyone will know, a recommendation like this makes you feel like there is hope.

From the first time I met Paul I was made to feel at ease with his professional manner. He took a detailed history and did not just focus on the infertility but on me as a whole person, something Western medicine does not do. The treatment helped me relax and gave me a positive focus.

I am truly grateful to have found Paul and for the treatment he gave me and could give you.”

Ali, 33, midwife

Testimonials #04

“ After spending some time searching online I came across Paul's website and immediately booked an appointment to see him. Within a couple of sessions of acupuncture with Paul I immediately felt more relaxed and able to deal with trying to conceive better than I was. I just felt better and more confident we would have a family.

I highly recommend Paul, who is very calm and positive and makes you feel more positive yourself.”

Jo, 34, Accountant

Testimonials #05

"Paul has helped me manage my stress and improved my quality of life. I have found that acupuncture has a significant positive effect on my stress levels and I recommend Paul highly."

David, 32, Solicitor

Testimonials #06

"On the recommendation of a friend, I had weekly acupuncture treatment from Paul. I was very stressed by a combination of work and personal circumstances and I found it a really helpful focal point of the week. Paul's expertise and his willingness to listen even to the most random symptoms was incredibly reassuring and I always felt relaxed after each treatment. I particularly appreciated his flexibility around appointments at critical times!"

Catherine, 32, Civil Servant

Testimonials #07

“I first consulted Paul when I was going through the menopause and suffering from night sweats, palpitations, anxiety and insomnia. Paul made me feel very much at ease and able to express my worries in a way that had not been possible with my GP.”

Jo, 55

Testimonials #08

“I have found Paul to be of a gentle nature and a very caring person. He listens to what you have to say and takes into account your emotional state. He is extremely professional yet he extends a personal aura which automatically makes you feel you're in safe hands with someone who knows what they're doing, and who cares for your well being."

Andrea, 29, Charity Worker

Testimonials #09

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